Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Character Sheets and Tutorial #3

So, here they are! Johnny and his trusty sidekick, Hoover. Still mulling over a title, and Hannah helped me out with one of them. "How Do you like Them Apples" seemed to be sufficiently funny so I might go with that.
I decided to draw them and design them in Flash instead of sketching them on paper because I feel I can never really get the same look. I'm pretty new at Flash, and drawing on the cintiq in general, so I'm playing it safe for my first project. I may have more sketches for my Production Book.

This is most likely the loosest I have worked with any style. I think it should be fun, because I have more leeway to make him look as ridiculous as possible, and exaggerate his features and expressions if I want. Joyous.

This one is so glitchy...

While this one is effin amazing!!!

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